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Join the Happy Homeowners Who Sold the Sell Easy LV Way

Here are some of the big reasons why Las Vegas homeowners are saying goodbye to the traditional hassle-filled process and Hello to SellEasyLV

Competitive cash offer within 24 hours

Our unique process will get you a Competitive cash offer within 24 hours so that you can make the best decision for your as quickly as you’d like.

Get Cash Now and Stay In the Home

You get paid Cash NOW, but can stay in the home Rent free while you find your next place.

Choose Your Own Move Out Date

This also lets you Choose Your Own Move Date so you have the freedom to make a plan that works for your needs.

Sell Your Home

We’ll buy the home AS IS, so you don’t need to worry about any repairs or inspections.

Leave your unwanted items behind

You can even Leave your unwanted items behind making your move even easier.

No Hassles, The Home Sale Easy Button

With SellEasyLV, you get the Home Sale Easy Button: No Realtors, No showings, No signs, No stress, no headaches, No hassles.

Why We Can Pay You More.

What Separates SellEasyLV.com from the competition?

One word: Risk.

Our competition is unwilling to shoulder more risk, so they put the risk back on you.

As Las Vegas local real estate experts, we understand the market, and know how to make nearly any home sale work. So, we take on more risk allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

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    Request Your Offer

    Simply tell us about your home's condition, features, and upgrades online. No prep work needed and it only takes minutes to complete.

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    Get a Competitive, No-Obligation, Cash Offer within 24 Hours

    As locals ourselves, we know the Las Vegas market, this helps us get you a Competitive cash offer within 24 hours (often higher than other national companies.)

  • Step 3

    Choose Your Move Out Date

    Get your cash Now and stay in the home, while you pick a date that works best for you to move to avoid double-moves and double-mortgages.

  • Step 4

    Experience the Home-Sale Easy Button

    No Realtors, No showings, No signs, No stress, no headaches, No hassles. You get to move on to your life's next chapter in the way that works best for you.

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Find out exactly what we'd offer you for your home in today's market.
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Who is SellEasyLV.com?

We're a team of long time residents and seasoned investors in the Las Vegas market. We've bought and sold over 600 homes so we understand the process and the emotions associated with real estate sales. We believe there's a simpler way to do real estate, one that eliminates all the complexities and headaches. We also believe that honesty and transparency is the key to helping home owners achieve their goals with confidence and peace of mind.


  • Wait weeks or Months on the Market and the Deal May Still Fall Through
  • Inconvenient showings and hours of home prep work
  • Offers contingent on inspection, appraisals, and finicky buyers that kill the deal
  • Thosuands in Fees, Closings Costs, and Commissions
  • Uncertain closings and complicated moves


  • Get a Competitive Cash Offer With 24 Hours
  • No Realtors, No showings, No Signs, No Hassles
  • No Inspections, No Repairs, No Appraisals
  • No Commission, No Closing Costs, No Fees
  • Get Cash Now and Stay in the Home As Long as You Need

What We Mean By "As-Is" and "Any Situation"

I will buy your home regardless of the current state of the house and I will help guide you through any hardships.


If your currently in or thinking about bankruptcy we can still purchase your home and help you relocate without the hassle of short timeframes, stressful moving plans or headaches from the new owner demands. Sell Easy LV is about helping homeowners through a tough situation.

If your delinquent on your mortgage payments, worried about the bank foreclosing and need to sell fast contact us. We can close in less than a week with a competitive cash offer to avoid the hassles of going on the market while moving quickly to avoid any issues with the bank. Sell Easy LV believes in a better way to sell your home!

If your property is underwater, delinquent on mortgage payments and needs repairs we can help you negotiate a settlement for less with the bank and give you a “as is” cash offer so you don’t have to worry about coming out of pocket for any expenses. Sell Easy LV is a local home buyer experienced in all facets of real estate situations.

No matter what condition your property is in we buy “as is” and don’t mind if there are repairs needed such as foundation, plumbing, electrical, roof issues, etc. Literally any condition we buy! Sell Easy LV are local experts that pay top dollar for homes in any condition.

If your foreclosure and don’t have time to put your home on the open market then contact us for an “as is” CASH offer. Sell Easy LV can close quickly, pay your closing costs and we don’t charge any commissions, so you make the same amount as a traditional sale and avoid all the hassles, headaches and uncertainty during a stressful time.

A majority of homeowners don’t want to deal with the uncertainty, headaches and hassles of putting their property on the open market in a stressful situation like this. You can make the same amount of money selling to Sell Easy LV as you would by traditionally selling your home on the open market and skip the hassles.

A lot of investors are worried about buying homes in a poor location due to low buyer demand or vandalism. We have full proof strategic ways to buy and sell in areas that are less desirable. Put us to the test and see how an offer from Sell Easy LV will be a good fit for you!

A majority of investors or institutions buying homes don’t purchase properties with solar panels, a renter or homes in certain price range (500K+). Sell Easy LV will buy any home in any situation because of our flexible buying criteria as local home buyers.

If you have a home that is in the process of probate or getting ready for the probate process it will not hinder our ability to purchase the property. Even when the property goes to an “auction” format with the probate attorney Sell Easy LV will typically outbid any other buyers. We simplify the process to make a difficult time easier.

If you’re looking to sell your home, close on another and get top dollar without having to worry about buyers backing out, inspections, appraisals or tenants then we are your perfect fit to make the process easy, so you don’t have any headaches or uncertainty. Sell Easy LV will purchase your home on timelines that fit your needs regardless if it’s an investment property or your primary residence.

If your home has structural issues don’t worry. Unlike other investors or corporate buyers were not scared to offer you a fair competitive offer and take the headache off your plate. Sell Easy LV has a team of local contractors that assist us with home purchases so we can offer you’re the best price for your home regardless of the structural defects.

A lot of sellers in today’s market are move up homeowners looking to sell their property now and purchase a new home which becomes difficult because of all the variables such as contingencies, appraisals, inspections and unknowns. We can assist in both sides of the transaction with a seamless selling and buying process through Sell Easy LV.


Our Customers Love SellEasyLV

“We received a cash offer from Sell Easy that made us the same amount of money if we were to
put our home on the open market. We didn’t have to deal with any inspections, appraisals,
repairs or headaches.”

Jerry T.

Sold to SellEasyLV in Las Vegas, NV

“This was the easiest home selling experience I ever had. Sold my home and got to stay back in a one-year lease

Mark G.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in Henderson, NV

“I kept getting out bid by other buyers because my offers were contingent on the sale of my current home. Sell Easy purchased my home then let me rent back on a month to month lease so I was able to buy my new home and to top it off I didn’t have to do a double move.”

Deidre H.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in Las Vegas, NV

“Our home was listed on the market with a Realtor, but we were only getting low ball offers because of the condition. We decided to take our home off the market, contacted Sell Easy for an offer and closed a week later. They bought our property “as is” and we didn’t have to pay commissions or closing costs.”

Thomas & Linda K.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in North Las Vegas, NV

“Our family was in a pinch to move fast and we had a lot of personal issues going on. The team at Sell Easy treated us like their own.  Everyone was genuine, responsive and made us feel like their only client. It was enjoyable experience in a stressful situation.”

Susan B.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in Boulder City, NV

“We had a home that was in need of a lot of repairs. We didn’t have the time or money to renovate, so we contacted Sell Easy for a cash offer. They did a quick walkthrough and purchased the home “as is”. It was a smooth easy way to sell our home with no hassles even with the condition issues.”

Maia Teresa C.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in Henderson, NV

“We went into contract on a new construction home, but we couldn’t close without selling our home. The buyer backed out at the last minute, we were in jeopardy of losing our deposit and the new home but Sell Easy saved the day purchasing our home and closing in a week”

Joyce P.

Sold to Sell Easy LV in Las Vegas, NV